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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kruger National Park a photographic safari 2011

The day has finally arrived, all the planning and pre booking will now have to be put to the test as we leave at sparrows tomorrow 21 December 2011, jeay, we have waited for this day since our last holiday in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park where we decided that Kruger National Park will get the nod next time.

Now the first thing to get sorted for our trip was the camera gear, how to pack all we need and keep it under 20KG per person, no way!
In total we have a combined weight of 63KG , mine only consists of camera gear , and for my love its all the rest, god bless her.

Check list :
Canon 1d mark III
Canon 5d mark II
2 tripods
2 Wimberley II Gimbal heads
Canon 400 f2.8
Canon 200 f2.8
Canon 24 -70 f2.8
Canon 16 - 35 f2.8
2 cam stedi brackets
2 laptops

Balance of the gear is all the other requirements to get us through ten days of Kruger bliss. We have a whole new strategy for this trip instead of trying to compress experience into four or five days we decided to go for eleven days . The reason being is that we never actually get the time to enjoy and appreciate the environment for what it deserves, its more of a mad rush from one camp to the next in the hope to not miss out on anything. This time around we will hope to soak up some of that kruger rhythm of the bush.We need to get away from this mad rushed city life and just take it easy for a while.

We will be documenting our route through the park, and hope you will follow us along, with the experiences we encounter on the way. Cheers to a great safari and a magical bush experience.

Alex and Juanita

Monday, December 5, 2011

Photographers Schedule

Herewith a pie chart which I found on Facebook by a group called Professional Photographer.

Not sure if this is / was a group that just created itself, but I thought the image of the pie chart to be more or less exactly how things are for a photographer.  Everyone thinks your life is glamorous.   Yes, no doubt this is one of those careers that can consume you with anything your minds eye finds beautiful.

You look at things differently when you are a photographer. You see shapes and colors that others dont even notice. You go to far away exotic places, sometimes you do live like a rock star, sometimes you do work like a rock star.

The question is:  have any of you ever been a rock star?  Well, some of you have, but most of you have not.

Neither have I, but there is a saying that my husband and I live by:

"If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!"

NOTHING in life comes easy.  Even being a rock star takes a huge amount of very hard work.

Being a documentary photographer takes camera skill, editing skills, marketing and networking skills. But most of all, it is a lot of hard work.  You also need to be very fit to carry all this heavy equipment, and to survive the whole day (while you are partying like a rock star) to capture every moment.  Getting up early is part of the deal to ensure that you capture the right morning light, and then go to bed late, after downloading and editing your images of the day.

So for all of you who think being a photographer is easy, think again.  Fun? Yes, for sure, but easy, no way hozey.

This is what most people think Photographers do. 

The image below is what Photographers really do.