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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lady of Leasure

While rushing down the streets of Mombasa to get us back to the airport in time for our flight home on Monday 30 January 2012, we could not help but to have the camera clicking away.

Having just spent the past few days in ultimate tropical beach luxury, and going home to more of same, images like this were around every corner. This one in particular struck me the most.

As Alex was clicking away, I really had a good look at this young girl as we drove past her. It was not only the fact that she was washing her clothes in a dirty waterway, to me, it was so incredibly sad to know that according to her, that water was clean enough for her to justify it as a washed item.

I closed my mouth with my hand, and dropped my head, reflecting on what I had just seen. I felt incredibly sorry for her, not only for the poverty that she is exposed to, but the mindset she has to endure to enable her to survive.

Getting back home and dealing with things we all perceive as problems, has become minor to us, making us realise how greatful we are for being alive and healthy. To face another day filled with 'problems' is a relative statement.

I titled this post Lady of Leasure, because if you think you are having a tough time, and 'wish life could be better' I would suggest that you take a good look at this young lady, count your blessings and reflect on them.

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