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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cederberg Truintjieskraal landscape pictures

The Cederberg has another hidden secret which we were delighted to stumble upon, called the Truintjieskraal landscape.

These pictures were taken in a space of about half an hour, when we were given a break from the rain that came down during the Easter weekend.

Due to our limited time spent in this beautiful area, we have made our booking to return here during the coming flower season, to spend more time and appreciate the entire valley for what it has to offer.

The many caves at Truintjieskraal is testament to the history and presence of bushmen to this area.  Bushmen paintings are found in most caves in this area.

In order to get to Truintjieskraal, you need to get a permit from Kromrivier, where they will give you a number to access the gate.

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