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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fireworks V&A Waterfront New Year 2013

Someone got a bee in his bonnet to see the new year in with a bang.  Low key, non-party going animals, who normally head for bed... became the daring duo. 

We made the cardinal sin and went to the Waterfront for NY (at 23h00!)

So first we tried to go to the pier at Radisson, almost got blown off the pier by the now gale force wind... Plan B rushed us to CBD V&A. Parking. What parking? Then we hit the crowds, then we aimed for the clock tower... Camera and tripods... People, music... its jam packed with happy faces all waiting to see the new year in too. At the clock towers, we venture into some building and find the back ally stairs to the rooftop. Jeay!!! Not. Alarm sounded. Guards. 'Oops' sorry... But we are looking for a photo. Its 23h58. 'No, u r trespassing!' Busted. Shit, ok. Run down 2 flights of stairs... Back into the crowds... Fireworks. Jeay! All for 1 whole minute. THANKS. For what? (As a dedicated animal anti-cruelty activist, deep down, I was happy to see it vanish into thin air, but it was a sad sight for my husband who was so keen to get this what could have been a stunning fireworks display photo from him.)  He knows the story: 'I've got your back hunny!', because yours truly 'got the shot'.... even though it was only a quick snap in desperation.

Now what? Crowds... Car. Not a good plan... Open restaurant: 'Sorry we are full' (everywhere!) Gmffff. Car is far, cameras are heavy. Wind. People. 'Let's just do it!' Ok, car here we come. Great, we get back to the parking garage. Not so great, 150 people long queue. We managed to skip this queue. 30min stop-go-people-car-madness. At 2am a Mc Donnalds milkshake sounds like the best idea since last year :) Bed calling. Jeay! 

This will be one new year we will surely not forget.

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