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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sabi Sabi overrated and full of politics

We went to visit the Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve. On all the websites for the Sabi group, you are told that you are visiting this sabi game reserve "Unfenced. Part of Kruger National Park. #Luxury. Bla bla bla" , but what they dont tell you is that there are huge politics amongst the unfenced reserves within the reserve, and if you are visiting one place (in our case we went to Umkumbe), you are not allowed to put your big toe on any of the other reserves. Because they are so full of #politics, the Sabi Sabi Game reserve has literally littered their entire bordering section of their reserve with these signposts. So you go on this 'luxury' excursion, but all these signs are in the way when you want to take photos. It looks terrible. The energy on this reserve between the people is not good and we can see that its not heading in a good direction. Alex wanted to make sure this message is loud and clear. Its not what they make out to be. 

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