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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cape Recife Nature Reserve Port Elizabeth

One of our plans during this holiday was to explore the Greater Addo and surrounds.  Our friend Ursula was kind enough to play tour guide and showed us this secret spot on the point of the Port Elizabeth bay.  It proved to be an excellent destination, perfect photographic setting, on a perfect pre-frontal cloud day.

The 366 hectare Cape Recife Nature Reserve was proclaimed in 1973, and is situated next to the Pine Lodge Holiday Resort off Marine Drive, Summerstrand.

A 9 km circular walking trail starts at the entrance gate of the Nature Reserve and offers beautiful unspoilt beaches, natural dune vegetation, rocky outcrops, a lighthouse built in 1851, an old military observation post, as well as a bird hide. The Cape Recife Nature Reserve is also regarded as one of the best bird-watching venues around Port Elizabeth.
Entrance permits available from Pine Lodge Resort located at entrance to Cape Recife Nature Reserve. Entrance only with permit, zero tolerance for diving thus no entry with diving equipment. Price of permits : Weekly @ R32.10 per vehicle, annual (July - end June of each year) @ R163 .30 - reduced to half price from 1 February of each year.

Entrance for purpose of visiting SAMREC is gratis provided proof of visit is produced on exit from the Reserve. 

Best times to visit 08h00 - 16H00. Visible security in Reserve during daylight hours.

Cape Recife Lighthouse

Visitors are allowed to visit the Cape Recife Lighthouse that has been refurbished.

All bookings need to be done through Pine Lodge Holiday Resort reception desk and phoned through in advance to arrange times. (Tel: 041 583 4004)

Someone from Pine Lodge will then accompany the interested visitors to the Lighthouse and unlock for them.

Cost for entry to the lighthouse is Adults = R25 / cost for Children = R15

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Addo Holiday Phone Snaps

After many months of planning, the packing ended and the road trip to the Eastern Cape started.  We departed before sunrise to get away from the traffic, and it was a good call.  As we were heading away from Cape Town, we were lucky to spot a lonely hot air balloon floating over us.  It was a great omen to a good start for our holiday.  What a perfect setting with the sun rising up from behind Simonsberg Mountain!
Its a long road to Addo, so we decided to break it up over two days.  Our first stop was Wilderness National Park.  This is one of the nicest camps we have visited in a long time and would recommend it to anyone, even as a holiday destination.

Finally we arrived at Addo National Park and we could not resist making Hapoor our first stop.  This watering hole brings back many good memories, and it did not disappoint either

 Below is the nest of a Spotted Thick Knee.  She laid her eggs on the verge of the tarred main road.  We decided to help her out a bit and added this big rock on the left to assist with a little extra protection from possibly being run over.
There were very few Dung Beetles in the park, but we did hear from a local that there was a Dung Beetle farm near by.  We hope this will help their plight for the future indeed.

 Addo has so many many placed to visit, other than the actual park itself, and we tried to visit a few of these special Addo-add-on's.  Woody Cape is one of them, it was a 75km ride to get there, but definitely worth the drive.

While we were in Addo, a welcome shower of rain arrived over the area.  This was the view from our camp in Matyholweni Camp.

Another very special destination around Port Elizabeth is Cape Recife light house.  The beach with its beautiful setting of dune-like sand, oyster catchers and a pre-frontal cloud made for a great photographic destination.

Addo Main Camp was for us by far superior to the Matyholweni Camp.  One of the reasons was that here we had a view over the valley.  We were very fortunate to have a challet right on the main fence line.  It proved to be very exciting as we could hear the lions roaring right outside our bungalow.  We were also entertained by the vast amount of conditioned visiting wild birds.  One in particular was the Green Bull feeding her Black Cuckoo chick.  The poor baby was twice the size as mom and mom was working up a sweat to keep the youngster well fed.

Our perfectly situated chalet also proved to be a great spot for when one wants to catch up on a few emails or edit some photos.

 On our way home we stopped in at Super Tubes beach in Jeffreys Bay.  They have kitted the beach out with a lovely boardwalk and a few touristy type shops to cater for the many outside visitors to this popular beach.
 Buffels bay and Goukamma seems like a sleepy-town type destination, but we just stopped in for a look and a see.
 It would of course be a sin if one cant stop to enjoy the view from the top of the Knysna Heads.  And we look forward to come back and take a walk on the mountain below one day soon.

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