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Monday, March 28, 2016

Brown Hooded King Fisher Trail Wilderness National Park

Brown Hooded King Fisher Trail is about 4km return hike.  There is a sign in the beginning to say it is very slippery.  We chose to ignore this, but trust me, it is very slippery.  This flat route meanders through thick forest and crosses over the same river many times over, hence the slippery notice.  The route ends at a beautiful waterfall, and we recommend that you rather view this and choose to make your picnic stop a few paces back, where it is more open and accessible. 

You need a permit (like all other local hiking routes) to do this route, and can be obtained from The Ebb and Flow Rest camp with forms part of the the SANPARKS Garden Route.  If you have a Wild Card, all the routes are free.

It is an easy walk for most people, but not for you fat lazy dog to join you.  Actually I don't think dogs are allowed here, but just to explain that it is a family route, but you need to be sure footed to attempt it.

As all other hikes we have done in the Garden Route, this one too, blew us away with its pristine beauty.  We did not see or hear one Brown Hooded King Fisher, other than a Knysna Loerie. Interestingly the Brown Hooded King Fisher has no ability to fish, but prefers its diet to be filled with bugs, worms and spiders.