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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Wild Side of Cape Point National Park - Part 1 of 2

There is never a dull moment when you visit Cape Point.  Whether you come to this venue for a hike, a beach walk or simply visiting the tourist hot-spots, there is always something special to see and witness.

Where the two oceans meet, depending on where you live in South Africa, as some believe it is actually at Cape Agulhas, the true southern most tip of Africa.  Even though this is not the most southern tip of Africa, this is where the two oceans meet with a combination of hot and cold currents.  This being the warm Indian Ocean or the cold Atlantic ocean.  It is this meeting of the two oceans that makes navigation around this Cape Point so dangerous.
Olifants Bos section with its beautiful array of natural flowers.
Orange Breasted Sun Bird

Da Gama Cross

Buffels Bay looking across towards Smuts Winkel Baai

Buffels Bay Beach break

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