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Friday, May 25, 2018

Anysberg Activities

Anysberg has a variety of fun activities and things to do for the whole family.  This is a lovely destination for both summer and winter fun. 

There is a large cement dam converted into a lovely swimming pool with a wooden deck to enjoy some time out and soak up the sun.  The only thing is that it has no shallow end, so you must be able to swim if you want to go for a splash to cool down.

Stargazing:  This must be a highlight of the stay here.  Most of us come from a town or city and seeing the stars is just so incredibly beautiful.  This location is known as one of the darkest places in South Africa, and comes highly recommended if you wish to come and view the stars.

Kayaking in the Rooidamme : the water levels were too low when we visited, but once the dams are more filled, one can get kayaks from the main camp to enjoy some fun on the dam.  I would also recommend that you bring your SUP board if you have, the dams are big enough for a fun SUP around the dam.

Horseback riding:  Apart from enjoying the stars at your camp, you can also book a trip on horseback to a venue located deep in the mountains, called Tapfontein.  It is a two day trip, offering you a comfortable bed and cooking facilities.  The toilet comes with a view, and rather fresh to enjoy in the outdoors.

Mountain Biking: The Anysberg is fairly flat and easy to ride, but there are a few challenging routes for the less experienced mountain biker.  Every road here is accessible to enjoy a mountain bike. 

Landsekloof was rather challenging (thick sand and very rocky) and far, but once we reached the top of the road, an easy but super bumpy 15 min cycle back to camp was welcomed.

We also chose to visit the Tapfontein on our mountain bikes and loved every minute of it.  There are many river crossings as you ride up into the hills. It comes recommended to try and avoid the hot mid day sun.

4x4 Routes:  There is a 4x4 route up to the top of the Anysberg, but was recently closed due to water damage to the road.  Do contact the office prior to your visit, should you wish to follow this route.

Rock Art:  This archaeological and historic site is one not to miss.  The Khoisan paintings are estimated to be over 2000 years old.   You can find this specific one on route to Tapfontein.  There are many more documented sites, but requires a guide to explore them.

Prinspoort:  This is a lovely river route that can be hiked all the way to the Prinsrivierdam, but be warned it is a long way, about 10km one way.

The Jungle Gym was welcomed by our 4 year old son.

Apart from all the busy things one can do, do not forget to stop and enjoy the silence of the Karoo.

Other activities to enjoy:
  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking
  • Game viewing: Animals that we saw were Jackals, Oryx, Mountain Zeebra, Baboons, Vervet Monkeys, Steenbok and Kudu.

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