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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Natural Beauty of The Little Karoo in the Anysberg Nature Reserve

The rugged water eroded mountains to the south of the Anysberg range reaches 1600m above sea level, with its incised deep gorges makes this mountain range a special destination to visit.

These semi wild horses roam free on the reserve, but are used to transport visitors on horse back safaris, specifically for overnight stays at the Tapfontein Star Gazing camp, high up in the mountains.

The Ouberg Pass is on the Montagu and Robertson side of the Anysberg.  This pass a picturesque specifically when you leave the reserve as one heads down into the valleys below.

The Karoo landscape as you enter the reserve with the Anysberg Mountains in the distance.

Tapfontein requires a 4x2 high clearance vehicle, but also makes for a fun mountain bike route.  The above image shows the final stretch when exiting the Tapfontein route, with the majestic Anysberg in full view.

Towerkop in the distance, often hidden behind a bank of clouds stands out on clear sky days.
This is the view from our basecamp, Vrede, looking east in the direction of the sunrise (and Ladysmith).

The Anysberg nature reserve was established in 1988 to conserve the local veld-type and reintroduce game species.  The reserve now comprises of 64546 hectors of gently undulating terrain, Karoo plains and rugged mountains with steep gorges.

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking scenery such as this with the beautiful Anysberg as a back drop.

The Anys, Touws and Prins rivers tributaries of the Gouwritz river system, flows through the reserve.  Vegetation is a mixture of mountain fynbos and Klein Karoo veld.

Over 180 separate sites of archaeological interests have been discovered on the reserve.  Visitors are welcome to admire the incredible rock paintings completed by the bushmen thousands of years ago.

The Rooidamme comprises of 4 dams next each other, and in a more affluent water season, Vrede offers canoeing as one of the activities to enjoy when visiting them.  This image was captured inside the very empty dam as 2018 must go down as the driest period ever experienced in the Cape.

When the sun set in the Anysberg, these beautiful mountains light up like a volcanic fire is about to erupt and makes for the most enjoyable sights during sun set.

Location of the Anysberg:

  1. This reserve lies within the Klein Karoo between Ladismith, Lainsberg, Touwsrivier and Montagu.
  2. Even though the distance from Cape Town is only 257km, it is a good 4 hour drive due to the rugged road conditions within the reserve boundary.
  3. Directions to the Anysberg can be downloaded here
  4. Location of Anysberg on Map

Video of the Anysberg

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