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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Agulhas National Park and Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

The Meeting Point of Two Great Oceans

Originally named Cabo das Agulhas (Cape of Needles) by the Portuguese owing to the treacherous reef that has claimed many ships over the years.  It was later (because of the French influence) renamed L'Agulhas.

The Cape Agulhas lighthouse was built in 1849 and is the second oldest working lighthouse in South Africa.  

Visit the Lighthouse Museum
We ventured into the lighthouse to find a lovely museum (opened in 1994) of historical local artifacts and we dared to take the rather steep climb to the top. This day was extremely windy, so the visit was short and sweet at the top.

Agulhas National Park

This windswept rocky coastal area was declared a national park in 1999.   There are various accommodation options for visitors to explore in the link above.

Address214 Main Rd, Agulhas, Bredasdorp, 7287
Area209,6 km²
Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Sun
Established14 September 1998

It is precisely 71 wooden steps to get you to the top of this beauty.

Spookdraai is a well known circular hiking trail (which means ghost spot) takes you along the coast and back to the entrance at Agulhas National Park.  

There are a few legends to explain the reasons for its name, one being of a beautiful woman who survived a shipwreck and constantly comes to visit the local guest house.  The other is related to a man who what decapitated in a gruesome accident at this point.  Whichever soul has still not found its peace, it is rather exciting venue for any ghost chaser to date.

Tip of Africa

Visit the southern most tip of Africa and grab a selfie at the monument.

It was a pleasure to visit this location to see the remarkable improvements that they are busy with to encourage more visitors to this destination.  There is a lovely 1km coastal board walk from the lighthouse all the way to this point.  A very large and stunning artistic replica of South Africa and Namibia can be seen and enjoyed by the tourists.

This monument indicating the Southern most tip of Africa was the main attraction.

A view across the rocky bay toward the lighthouse shows the rugged limestone coastline which has claimed more than hundred and fifty ships known to date.

The Shipwreck at Cape L'Agulhas

On 16 November 1982 a small Japanese fishing vessel, Meisho Maru No 38, did not survive the stormy conditions and ran aground.  Fortunately all the crew managed to swim to shore and survive the ordeal.

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