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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Algulhas National Park Renosterkop Accommodation SANPARKS

We wanted to stay at the main camp which was located closer to the Southern most tip of Africa, however this was fully booked.  Renosterkop is a satellite accommodation offered by SANPARKS which is about 30min drive away from the hustle and bustle of more familiar tourist side L'Agulhas.  This being the Southern most tip of Africa and the L'Alhulhas Lighthouse

It was a pleasant experience a step back in time and to live as the old farmers did in these wonderful refurbished farmsteads.  SANPARKS have done a wonderful job in making us comfortable and for the visitor to have a comfortable stay.   Juanita did not enjoy it as much as I did, because at the time there were many fire ants and thorns, making it difficult for her and the toddler to enjoy a fun walk outside.  Our mountain bikes and shoes got many thorns in them, having to clean our shoes every time we entered the chalet. 

The other downside of this spot was that we had to spend at least 30 minutes to get to the closest localisation, like Struisbaai and or Cape L'Algulhas.  But on the upside, you can be sure to know you are away from the crowds and enjoy a peaceful time away and absorb the sounds of silence.

The old Salt Pans provided a wonderful photographic environment, but are no longer in use.  It is a must-stop location if you feel like being creative and have your camera on hand.

The history of RENOSTERKOP states that they were the pioneers of stock farming and that their accommodation was built from probably the eighteenth century using mainly materials from the wrecked ships.

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