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Friday, September 7, 2018

Cederberg San Rock Art and Spring Flower Trip - Vol 2 of 5

Getting there

For our family 'Getting There' is part of the journey.

From the moment we start to pack the car, our trip has already begun.  It would be out of character if we did not enjoy the drive to our destination as much as the destination itself.

Alex spent many hours researching this special location.  So by the time we arrived in the Cederberg, he got his hands on all the reading materials one needs.  Many of these books were on sale at the Travelers Rest Roadside Cafe.

I can not remember just how many times I have driven past the canola fields along this route and admired their beauty - which they grace many horizons with-, yet we never stop to capture the moment.  

Well, this time, nobody is rushing to an appointment of some sort, so we had all the time in the world to turn off onto a farmer's field and take a quick stroll to get a family selfie.

Ramskop Wild Flower Garden

Yes, the above picture is not the greatest, but it is the entrance and it looks awful, but do not judge a book by it's cover.

Flower selfies 'to burn' hehe!

This is by far the best view of Clanwilliam dam and comes highly recommended to stop in this flower garden before you head up into the hills.

The Clanwilliam dam was 100% full - overflowing actually - and a welcome sight after many years of drought in the area.

It has been communicated that this dams' wall will be raised by eleven meters, starting October 2018, which will probably change this view dramatically in the future.

Time for Tea

After a long road and some flower spotting, we were advised by the Clanwilliam Tourist Information Centre about the local Tea Tasting Room Rooibos Teahouse

After a delicious round of tea tasting and snacks we were ready to move on into the heart of the Cederberg, far away from any major town.

The world famous Rooibos Teahouse is a must-visit destination when you are in Clanwilliam.  Most of their tees are exported to Japan, but you have the pleasure of picking them off the shelf to enjoy at home.

Pakhuis Pass

To get to Travelers Rest resort, one has to travel over the spectacular Pakhuis Pass.
The drive takes you 36 km over the Cederberg Mountain range into another breathtaking valley.

Once you get to the peak of the pass, heading down into the valley, Travelers Rest can be seen in the distance.

Driving from Cape Town, it took us 3 hours to get to Clanwilliam, but the whole day to reach our final destination.  It was agreed amongst us all to make a day-trip of this, and to enjoy the journey.

This is the heart of the Northern Cederberg.  Please follow our blog posts for updates on our San Rock Art and 2018 Spring Flower excursions.

We were now following in the footsteps of the San people.

Below is a video of Rocklands, a world famous destination for bouldering, right in the midst of this venue.  A growing sport and one can see just by the caliber athletes who come here, it is not your average Jo who can achieve this.  Check it out

Rocklands from Carlos Lastra Barros on Vimeo.

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