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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Cancellation of the Mice-Free Marion Fundraiser

Friends of Flock to Marion

Dear loyal sponsors and supporters,

It is with great sadness that we have been left with no alternative to cancel our fundraising effort (Mice-Free Marion Lucky Draw).

Wandering Albatross Chick - Marion Island

We have been in communication with our lawyers, as well as Mrs. Jill Richie (Publisher and Fundrais
ing Expert / NGO Management, We have been advised that in the best interest of the efforts from BLSA we should rather direct our support to their project. 

Our intention was to make a meaningful contribution to this vital project in our own special way. Prior to launching this fundraising effort, (for one year), we had been in constant written contact with BLSA (Mr. Mark Anderson) providing him with up-to-date information about our project. After providing Mr. Anderson with a complete synopsis of the campaign as requested, we received his written support. 

Unfortunately, over time he withdrew this support (maybe as a result of our sponsor's conflict of interest with BLSA sponsors?), we decided to continue with our independent project. This - unbeknownst to us - became an illegal fundraiser as we needed official approval from the National Lotteries Commission of SA.  

Due to the legal pressure that BLSA has exerted on us that we stop our fundraising effort, we have decided it is best to direct our support to the main Mouse-Free Marion Project.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion that we may have created, our intentions were always for the benefit of the seabirds.

We will be in contact with each ticket holder to suggest two options:

  1. Refund the funds to each ticket holder; or
  2. Pledge the funds received to purchase what we originally intended to do, purchase a few hectares from the SPONSOR A HECTARE program.
  3. Redirect the donations received from the SPONSORS DONATIONS to a suitable cause like this one, which will be either related to a bird or nature cause and each donor will receive ongoing promotions/mentions on our website and social pages.  (We would like to suggest SANCCOB?)

The total amount collected to date is about R7000, excluding banking fees.  We will contribute whatever amount is needed extra to make up the total to the nearest thousand.

All sponsors and ticket holders will be contacted immediately.

Friends of Marion's social page will remain, as we will continue to enjoy the journey prior to departure and share much-needed information about this voyage and its vital cause for the protection of the seabirds of Marion Island.

The final outcome regarding the ticket holders and sponsors will be announced on our social pages and in an email to you once we have received their mandates.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you, our sponsors, supporters, and patrons, and look forward to meeting you in person.

Yours faithfully,

Alex and Juanita Aitkenhead

Questions can be directed to: (0825749920) (0824649146)


Thank you again for your understanding.