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R600 per image for Royalty Free

Rights Managed:
R10 000 per image once off usage.
(We will only sell it to 1 buyer to use once.  Should you wish to make use of the images more than once, we can arrange for another agreement to be put in place.)

Note: Which option between Royalty-Free and Rights Managed would be best for your needs?

Personal use for your local blog or website, maybe an online invitation or community page then purchasing Royalty Free images is your best choice.

Exclusive use of an image could be beneficial if you do not want another company or brand to purchase the same image - and ride on your success.  You will be able to make use of the image once, but we will not sell it again. 

  • Further negotiation is required should you wish to use the image more than once.  

Photo Shoots:  R15 000 per day (Alex and Juanita together)

(Travelling and accommodation expenses for both Alex and Juanita will be at your expense) 

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